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Sverredal & Langen AB

Sverredal & Langen offers services within the fields of Photo Communication, digital development, management and education.  The company is based in Sweden - owned and run by Maria Langen and Sverre Sverredal. E-mail: kontakt[at]svelan.se

Maria Langen

Maria Langen is a Communication Strategist specialist in Change Management and proactive Risk and  Crisis Handling. She is also an outdoor Photographer, who runs the svelan.com image gallery, and gives photo presentations on request.

E-mail: maria.langen[at]svelan.se

Sverre Sverredal

Sverre Sverredal is a Project Manager specialised in IT development, Risk and Crisis Management. He is also an Artist continously presenting his paintings and photographic work in different forms and forums.

E-mail: sverre.sverredal[at]svelan.se

Sverredal & Langen Gallery

On this Gallery web site svelan.com you can find images photographed and painted by Sverredal & Langen. Public photographs with a buy button are produced by Maria Langen and Sverre Sverredal - those images could be viewed or bought directly through the gallery web site. Please note that all photos on this web site are copyright protected and we do not allow any use of the pictures without our permission. For our customers we always use security and password protection.

All photos are shot openly. People has been asked to participate and most often we use guides or interpreters to explain the purpose of the photo sessions. 

For more information about Sverredal & Langen AB (in Swedish), please visit our company web site www.svelan.se


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