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Maria Langen

People, event and street photography

Most of my published photographic work done during the years could probaly be categorised within the documentary genre. Photos are often presented in several channels and media. See People World, for example, is a project highlighting people's daily life in different countries and cultures. Photos are not only traditonally exhibited and published, but also used in different context, presentations and dialogue seminars.  

Wild life

As a Photographer I find inspiration in the nature. All kind of life, expressive eyes and faces are of interest for me. Wild Life, plants, animals and birds are therefore in the photographic scope for this Photo Agency. Naturally it goes hand in hand with portraiting people.


A portrait of a person could in practice be used in a CV, a social media channel, in press material, on a company web site, in a magazine, on the wall in the living room, etc. A dialogue and written agreement are always carried out before each photo session starts. Note that most people portraits are only viewable, accessible and possible to buy for the people who made the order. As a client you will get a link to a password protected part of the Photo Agency.


Creative photos that could be used in books, presentations and other media are to be found in the section "creative".


Each photography in the Photo Agency Image Bank could be bought separaly. Look out for the buy button and choose "private" or "Commercial use".

Interested in a bunch of photos? Contact Sverredal & Langen, Maria Langen, for a deal.

Note:  All photos are copyright protected.

Sverredal & Langen AB

Sverredal & Langen AB is a small independent company offering services within the fields of project management, communication and photography.

Sverredal & Langen also run the Swedish Institute for Crises Communication.
We are based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Professionally I stand on two legs - Photographer and Communication Specialist

As a Communication Specialist I get called in to do strategic plans, courses and dialogue seminars related to crises communication, traditional and social media.  I often use my own photos in lectures, presentation materials, on web sites, in social media, etc. As a result of that many individuals in my private and professional network have asked for the possibility to reuse my photos in their communication with the public. As an answer to more global customer requests for I have started this Photo Agency where it should be easy and possible for everybody (with Internet access) to see, share and buy a good range of photos.

Guest Photographers

From time to time this Agency takes on guest photographer. It will only happen when it is relevant from a context perspective, e.g. a certain event, a special focus on a theme, place or people.

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