The Philippines - Yolanda relief efforts December 2013

Film:  Feel free to watch the film produced by Maria Langen during the help work in the Philippines. The film is created both for documentation reasons and to increase the world's common understanding about people's basic needs in a cathastrophic situation like this.

This cathastrophe came to the Leyte island together with the Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) - an active tropical storm that caused widespread destruction in the Philippines. It will probably take many years before their life could go back to "normal". We could only hope that the regular storms do not hit the people living in Ormoc, Tacloban and other parts of the country too bad, and too soon, again.

The Phillippine people will certainly need support for a long time, and that also make the media covering important. This film also shows what kind of support many of the "help organisations" give to people in such a serious crisis. Here you can see ChildFund International, KNPO and the Swedish privat initiative "Kristian reser till Filippinerna" act. First the focus lays on rescueing people, handle and communicate what has happened. Secondly  the relief and recovering processes could start. This must be done in cooperation with local and international resources; and together with people engaging and supporting the help initiatives. Thirdly we can start to gather information and share the learnings, be proactive and  learn from mistakes.

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